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Mangoes were introduced in Kenya in the 14th Century by traders and were first grown in the Kenyan coast. The fruit has been growing in popularity ever since both for commercial and domestic uses. The farm cultivates different types of mango trees. The varieties include Apple mango, Kent Mango, Tommy & Boribo

Apple Mango – This variety received its fruity moniker from their round shape reminiscent of apples. They have a smooth and thin skin with a light waxy feel. Green apple mangoes tend to be firm, crisp and fine grained while ripe ones are aqueous, tender and fiber free.

Kent Mango – The variety was originally grown in Florida and is well known for its sweet flavor with hints of sour notes. It has a peach and tropical aroma and its flesh is juicy and tender with limited fibers.

Tommy – Named after Thomas Atkins, the variety of mango was first grown in Florida as well. It is juicy, somewhat fibrous flesh and has a mildly sweet taste. The variety is also known for its long shelf life.

Boribo – This is a variety indigenous to the Kenyan coast. The fruit is yellow apricot when ripe with a deep orange flesh that is fiber free. The mango is very juicy with a strong tropical flavor.