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From the heart of Maasai land to your table

Emirishoi fresh and spicy is a farm located in Kenya on the Maasai plains near Kilimanjaro Mountain at Isaara, Kajiado county.

Our mission is to grow, supply and export top quality produce to all parts of the world from our rich and fertile soils of Africa.

Handled with top care from planting, grown in accordance to European Union food law and safety regulations and cultivated in rich mineral soils our produce is guaranteed to provide quality taste and nutritious value to all consumers.

Our vision is to empower the Maasai community through creating a way of life that encourages resilient community building and empowerment as well as reclaiming land previously unproductive semi arid land to discover the top global goals of zero hunger and zero poverty.



From the heart of Maasai land to your table

From the heart of Maasai land to your table

Emirishoi is a Maasai word that means victory. Victory for us is achieved in more than one way. We achieve victory when our produce gets to your table, when we play a part in achieving food security and nutrition , when we play a part in healthy living and even more importantly when we create sustainability and opportunities for our communities. From the plains that over look the Kilimanjaro mountain to your table wherever on the globe, we grateful to you for being part of our Emirishoi dream.


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Emirishoi (victory) is a result of a cumulative effort to achieve success. Our value of community and togetherness is a driving factor to wholesomely participate in agriculture.


Agriculture contributes to about 33% of our Kenyan GDP and employs over 70% of our rural population. However, these statistics are not favorable to those living in lands that are arid and semi arid areas.


(The Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) occupy over 80% of the country's landmass. It is home to about 36% of the population and 70% of the national livestock.) ~ Kenyan Government.


At Emirishoi we are looking to empower a marginalized community that is largely nomadic in a drought stricken area through creating a sustainable income practice and bringing innovative methods of farming and food storage to not only create quality produce but also create food security & nutrition. This contributes to healthy living globally.


Community value

From the heart of Maasai land to your table

Emirishoi Fresh and Spicy Farm looks to benefit the society that it is in through numerous ways and include the following:

Provision of fair wages : This is inline with the no poverty global goal.

Giving workers and local community food : From the kales and spinach produce, the workers will be allowed to take home the harvests as part of supplementing their largely meat diet. This will assist in getting rid of hunger in the drought stricken area.

Gender equality : Emirishoi farm offers equal employment opportunity. This empowers members of both genders and offers more to the traditional pre dominant roles offered to each gender.

Clean water and sanitization : We will offer the communities animals with water from the borehole that is used for irrigation. Water will also be available to workers for their domestic needs

Climatic action : The farm seeks to integrate agro-forestry techniques that increase the amount of tree cover that is in the area.

Decent work : Proper farm and protective gear is provided to all workers at Emirishoi Fresh and Spicy farm. Workers will also be advised on welfare and wellbeing issues as well as financial literacy.

Sustainable communities: The provision of food and financial security will generate more stability within the community and see improvement of livelihoods in the area.

Empowerment of nearby schools and exposure to agriculture : The farm looks to assist in comprehensive education by allowing nearby schools to tour the farm as well as give room for transfer of knowledge and skill.