The Process

Top phytosanitary standards are observed with hygiene being a key operational principle. Quality assurance standards are followed all across the production chain from seedling selection, growing and harvesting to packaging and transportation. We also have well developed policies and structures in produce labeling that ensure the farm is compliant with traceability requirements and regulations.

Our produce is grown in well treated soils, using Global G.A.P approved pesticides and fertilizers to ensure that no harmful substance to human health is used in any point of production. The farm uses top water conservation irrigation methods for water security and sustainability. A borehole provides the farm with adequate supply of clean water.

The farm also uses 90 % solar energy in a bid to maximize on renewable energy sources. We also uses the African cooling system for storage of produces before transportation.



At Emirishoi Farm, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in agriculture and sustainability. We are pleased to inform you that our farm has received the necessary accreditations to ensure our commitment to quality and responsible farming practices.


  • Organic Certification: Emirishoi Farm has been certified organic by a recognized certification body. This certification verifies that we adhere to strict organic farming practices, including the use of natural fertilizers and pest control methods, as well as the avoidance of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms.
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certification: We have achieved GAP certification, which signifies our compliance with industry-recognized standards for food safety, traceability, and sustainable agricultural practices. This certification ensures that our produce is grown, harvested, and handled in a manner that minimizes the risk of contamination and prioritizes consumer health and safety.
  • Fair Trade Certification: Emirishoi Farm is proud to have obtained Fair Trade certification. This certification demonstrates our commitment to fair and ethical trade practices, ensuring that our workers are treated fairly, receive fair wages, and work in safe conditions. It also validates our dedication to supporting sustainable livelihoods for farmers and promoting social and environmental sustainability.

Benefits of Accreditation

By obtaining these accreditations, we aim to provide our customers with the following benefits:

  • Assurance of high-quality, organically grown produce
  • Peace of mind regarding food safety and traceability
  • Support for sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation
  • Contribution to fair trade and responsible business practices
  • Promotion of community development and social responsibility